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Better marketing decisions through high-quality research.

Have objective and innovative research done in the field of digital analytics and e-commerce.

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High-quality (market) research using innovative tools and the most recent scientific insights.

By translating data into clear insights, we help companies make better marketing decisions. Assignments vary from raw data collection to complete (advice) reports.

A non-profit research centre at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam with affordable rates.

We invest income from research projects in new research and teaching methods and innovative research tools. The focus is therefore on the development of new practical knowledge for the SME segment and sector organisations (especially the retail sector) and the return of this knowledge to education.

Een non-profit onderzoekscentrum van de Hogeschool van Amsterdam met betaalbare tarieven.

Inkomsten uit onderzoeksprojecten investeren wij in nieuwe onderzoeks- en onderwijsmethoden en innovatieve onderzoekstools. De focus ligt dan ook op de ontwikkeling van nieuwe praktijkkennis voor MKB-segment en brancheorganisaties (met name retailsector) én het terugbrengen van deze kennis in het onderwijs.

Highly trained researchers and talented bachelor and master students

Our talents allow us to carry out small and largescale research projects. Our experienced, often PhD-level researchers, have extensive knowledge when it comes to (big) data, analytics and e-commerce. But passionate HBO and master students can also carry out challenging practical assignments under the supervision of our researchers.


This is what our clients say

  • The Centre for Market Insights has been involved in the creation of the Twinkle100, the survey of the largest online retailers in the Netherlands, since 2016. The CMI surprised me with its thorough research approach, its drive and its passion for mapping the retail sector. The combination of knowledgeable researchers, good tooling and hands-on work by students makes the CMI a valuable research partner. By building historical data and using the right methods, the results have become increasingly accurate in recent years. An added benefit (partly due to the work partly done by students) is that the CMI charges a reasonable fee for its services. Finally, the CMI has and provides endless inspiration for new research opportunities. Arjan van Oosterhout, Chief editor Twinkle

  • At INretail and DNWS, we help retailers & shopping areas in the field, but we also want to develop more fundamental knowledge about what is going on in shopping areas. The CMI is well positioned to pick up this scientific part and convert the results into practical insights, tools and examples, which are understandable and directly applicable for our members. This cooperation at the intersection of practice and fundamental research is very valuable to us. In addition, at CMI you work with a very nice team. The relationship is good, you know what you can expect from each other, and in this way you build up a nice network with together. Marcel Evers, Manager Business Development, INretail

Our approach

What is the issue

You submit a (market) research or digital analytics issue to us. The assignment may include collecting, enriching or analysing (big) data, but also advice for a research design, data visualisation or the translation of data into concrete (marketing) steps.

Make a list of wishes and requirements

We schedule a n obligation-free meeting to identify your wishes & requirements. Depending on the complexity of the research assignment, we advise how you can best approach the assignment. Does the assignment require an experienced researcher or does a bachelor or master student also offer a solution (or both)? Students are always supervised by an (experienced) researcher.

Choose a strategy

Based on the chosen strategy, we provide a quote with the expected costs for the assignment. We work with non-commercial rates and see it as a collaboration to develop new practical knowledge. We are therefore transparent in the number of hours we expect to be working and we also invest in the project hours ourselves.

Getting started

After accepting the quote, we will get to work for you and make a plan of action. The assignment is always supervised by one of our researchers and a project manager, together with the researcher, ensures that there is a realistic schedule to deliver the results within the desired time and budget.


Sharing knowledge

By sharing knowledge, not only are you supporting education, but you can also spot new talents for your organisation and students can look for solutions to challenges within your company. For example:

  • Exchanging datasets
  • Sharing business cases
  • Have research assignments carried out
  • Offering practical assignments
  • Giving a guest lecture
  • Offer graduation place (master/higher professional education) or internship

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