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Finished research projects

  • European E-commerce Project

    Looptijd project: January - October 2021

    Executed in collaboration with the leading e-commerce and retail trade associations in Europe, Ecommerce Europe and EuroCommerce, the European E-commerce Report is a market analysis of 37 countries on the European continent. It includes analysis of the EU-27, and ten non-EU countries important to the European e-commerc...

    Betrokken onderzoeker(s): Sara Lone, Nahid Harboul, Jesse Weltevreden

  • Online revenue models in retail

    Looptijd project: June - October 2021

    HvA Centre for Market Insights, Platform de Nieuwe Winkelstraat (DNWS) and TNO have set-up a research into online revenue models in retail. With this research we expect to give insights into opportunities that different online sales channels offer retailers to achieve their goals AND the resources required to do so.  ...

    Betrokken onderzoeker(s): Daphne Hagen, Jesse Weltevreden, Anne Risselada, Nahid Harboul , Leontine van Geffen-Wenink

  • Corporate Sustainability reputation

    Looptijd project: April - June 2021

    In this project we investigate how corporate social responsibility as expressed in online reviews, social media posts, and news articles can influence organizational market performance. For the project we scrape data from an online reviewing website and we also use social media data provided by Coosto. For market perfo...

    Betrokken onderzoeker(s): Frederik Situmeang, Jesse Weltevreden, Marcel Lakeman (masterstudent), Arta Demaj (masterstudent)

  • Online Review and Consumer Behavior

    Looptijd project: April - June 2021

    In this project we investigate how online reviews can influence product performance in the music and video games industry. We scrape data from Metacritic, Billboard, and VGChartz for our analysis. We employed Latent Dirichlet Allocation to identify latent topics from the online reviews and investigate if these topics c...

    Betrokken onderzoeker(s): Frederik Situmeang, Daphne Hagen, Baris Orman, Koen Matas

  • What can Kickstart your Entrepreneurial Projects: An analysis to the influence of project description writing style on project success

    Looptijd project: April - June 2021

    In this project we investigate how entrepreneurs should describe their project in online crowdfunding platform. We scrape data from Kickstarter for our analysis and used Latent Dirichlet Allocation to identify topics from the project description. We then investigate if the appearance of these topics can be related to t...

    Betrokken onderzoeker(s): Frederik Situmeang , Tibert Verhagen, Tosca Voogd

  • Social Media Firestorm

    Looptijd project: September - June 2021

    In this project we investigate social media firestorm phenomenon. To advance the knowledge in social media firestorm research, we build upon the heuristic-systematic information processing model as the overarching framework to develop a research model that explains users’ information processing behaviors in social me...

    Betrokken onderzoeker(s): Frederik Situmeang, Tommy Chan, Dimitra Skoumpopolous

  • Mapping Customer Journey Towards Understanding the New Generation of Payday Borrowing Behaviour

    Looptijd project: September 2020 - May 2021

    The High-Cost Short-Term Credit (HCSTC) credit industry, also known as the payday loans in the UK, is the second biggest lending marketing in the world after the United States. The industry had experienced a steady growth in the UK following 2008 economic recession. Lenders aggressive marketing tactics and ‘predatory...

    Betrokken onderzoeker(s): Frederik Situmeang , Ronnie Das (Northumbria University) , Robert de Boer (Northumbria University)

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